Concerns may include: persistent worry about major or minor concerns; difficulty controlling your worrisome thoughts; feeling nervous, restless or tense; feeling apprehensive or a sense of impending danger; difficulty sleeping; experiencing physical symptoms such as increased heart rate, and stomach distress; difficulty sleeping.

Anxiety, fears, and worry are part of our human experience. Under appropriate circumstances, anxiety helps to heighten our alertness in dealing with unfamiliar situations, and ready our body for any action that is needed. Mild anxiety about an upcoming event (like an exam or upcoming assignment deadlines) also spurs us to prepare beforehand. Worry often helps facilitate problem solving and seeking out alternatives for handling situations that we rehearse beforehand in our minds.

Fears and worries are not "normal" when they become overwhelming and interfere with our daily living and ability to cope effectively. When fears and worries have reached this proportion it would be a good idea to get some help at the Hazen Counseling Center.